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You’ve already made your personal resolutions. Hopefully you’ve started on some resolutions and goals for your professional life as well.

Perhaps this is the year you go after that promotion. Or make partner. Perhaps you’d like to lead your office in sales or referrals.

Maybe you just want to make your workday a little less stressful or you’d like to be able to travel a bit more.

Here are 4 resources for sticking with and achieving your goals and resolutions that we like.

Making Resolutions Stick through Habits – Infographic

By Charles Duhigg 



Use Habits to Make New Years Resolutions Stick

Making Resolution Stick (original image here)


Achieving Your Best Year Ever – Podcast with Transcript

Via the Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and Michael Hyatt


Pat and Michael are both very high performers and talk about their experiences with resistance, unconventional advice, why sharing goals with others might not be the best way, and a great idea of Push Goals.

Why 88% of New Years Resolutions Fail – Blog post

By Leo Widrich at Buffer


Leo at Buffer discusses more of the Neuroscience behind why most people fail to create good resolutions and why 88% of all New Years Resolutions fail.

He adds in 4 simple tips to make a successful New Years Resolution:

  1. Pick only one resolution
  2. Make a tiny habit instead of a big life changing habit
  3. Hold yourself accountable. Write it down and/or tell others
  4. Focus on positive rewards and feedback instead of negatives

He also adds in that strong willpower is a learned skill. You have to work on being mentally strong. Just like working out, the smallest amount of weight is hard at first, but as you work on it and improve over time, that small weight that seemed hard will become a lot easier.

The Last Thing You’ll Ever Need to Read About Resolutions

By Eric Barker


His post hits on the main idea that to make Resolutions actually stick and achieve them, you need to:

  • Just pick one resolution. More than that is too hard.
  • Break the goal into steps. Have a plan.
  • Reward yourself for progress.
  • Realize you may screw up. Keep at it.

We have one last item to help you stick with your resolutions and achieve your goals through developing the right relationships.

Email Course – Build Your Revenue Generating Network in 14 Days

This is a 14-day email course that we’re launching on Monday.

Over the course of 2 weeks:

  • Receive a spreadsheet to help you organize your relationship building activities and influencers.
  • You’ll identify your guiding light that will keep you motivated.
  • You’ll learn how to target the right people with whom you can mutually benefit.
  • You’ll get access to scripts and suggestions to create and grow your relationships so you can stay relevant with the right people!
  • You’ll learn tips and tricks for adding value to your relationships to become a valued advisor.
The course will go live Monday, January 13, so we’re looking forward to seeing you then. If you want to stay updated of the course via email, then you can click and signup here.

We’ll send you daily emails to help you grow your network and provide specific actions you can take to start building your revenue generating network!

It’s time for a more productive you. 2014 is going to be a great year!


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