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Looking Back

Christmas has come and gone and you’re at that stage of the year where you look back and evaluate what the year was for you.

Many people look back and judge themselves based on their fitness goals and financial goals. But how often are you looking at your relationship goals? Not the “I want to be married” sort of relationships, but the “I want to have a network of people who I can turn to when needed and who can turn to me when they have a need.”

Everyone knows this first quote to be true. It’s not (just) what you know, but who you know. My father taught me that years ago and it still rings true.

Networking Quote - Who you know makes a difference

But this quote takes it further.

Be known, liked, and trusted for an opportunity to do business

You have to be known, liked, and trusted. That last part is key. It takes time and effort to establish and maintain trust. That’s time and energy that you oftentimes don’t feel like you have available. But the real key is that you cannot afford NOT to invest that time and energy. Because that’s all it takes: a small investment of time and energy.

You have to do so with knowledge that you may not “feel” the effects for a while.

For most people, setting and evaluating goals for relationship growth can be tricky. They aren’t easily measurable the way pounds and dollars are. You can’t exactly see, feel, and touch them.

So how can we evaluate our relationships’ growth?

I’m a bit biased but that’s where Relately comes in handy! Relately’s dynamic relationship score allows you to monitor where you stand with key contact. So at the end of the week, month, and year you can take a peek and see where you stand. We’ve even made it easier by providing stats on your dashboard so you can get an even more in depth visual representation of how you’re doing.

Looking Forward

We’ve provided advice on how to create strong habits and discussed what’s a good frequency for various relationships.

So now you’re at the New Year and it’s time to not just reflect on how you did with our goals in 2013 but also time to set goals for 2014. It’s the perfect opportunity to resolve to create new stronger habits, forge better and reciprocal relationships, and make your network work with you!

Strive to make your next year a celebration!

Strive to make your next year a celebration!

And Relately is here to help! Center your habits around growing the number of people you are connecting with and ensure that your frequency is set right and you can see your relationships flourish in 2014.

We’re even going one step further! Our 14 day Key Relationship E-Course will be coming out in January. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to better identify and connect with the *right* people who can be key to their success.

It’s time for you to create your resolutions for the New Year. Can you commit to investing in yourself? Can you give 15 minutes each day to forge better relationships? Make this next year a time of great growth for your network and you’ll see it paying off in ways you never thought possible!

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