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How often do you travel for business? Or even for pleasure?

When you travel do you have any spare time that you could utilize to meet up with people in your network outside of your home city?

Just imagine how your relationships could grow if you were able to meet up with those “out of towners” on THEIR home turf?

Find Contacts That Live Where You Travel

Taking a relationship to a face to face interaction is one of the best ways to strengthen it. You’re missing fantastic opportunities to deepen your relationships if you aren’t reaching out to influencers in each city to which you travel.

A Personal Touch Goes A Long Way When Building a Business Network

Simply blasting your Facebook news feed asking “Headed to Atlanta, anyone want to meet up?” isn’t going to cut it. Doing this is too passive and you’re really just relying on people to see it before you go AND being willing to respond to it.

Also, what if twenty people reply and want to meet up. Who do you pick to hang out with in the little time you have? You’re going to have to disappoint friends if you tell them you’re too busy for them, but want to hang out with others.

If I was in a town you were traveling to, I would LOVE it if you wrote me a 1-to-1 message that is a specific request to see ME. Especially if it wasn’t asking for any favors and instead just asking if I’m available for coffee or a bite to eat.

Wouldn’t it make you feel great as well if I directly reached out to you to meet up knowing where you lived?

Not only would it make you feel great, the direct message/email increases the chance we’re actually going to meet up because it’s a direct question and an exclusive offer.

Unfortunately, this has been hard to do in the past.

You might be able to remember a couple people who are in the city you’re visiting, but remembering everyone’s location is challenging.

You usually find out later once you post pics or tell someone about where you were and they reply asking why you didn’t get in touch with them.

Trying to scan your address book can feel like looking through the dictionary for a word without even knowing the first letter.

But now, there’s an easier way! 

With Relately, all you have to do is a simple advanced search based on the city that someone lives in. Note: you need to be Facebook friends with these people, but shouldn’t you be Facebook friends anyways?

Click the video below to see how:

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