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Do you ever get emails that you ignore or instantly delete because they are long messages that include stories and anecdotes with the important questions hidden throughout them?

Do your messages ever get ignored or only partly answered?

In networking and business it’s important to remember that most people are busy and typically respond best to relevant and concise messages.

Respecting the time of others as you hope others respect your time is a great way to ensure strong responses.

One person who’s made a big impact on me recently was John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire. He interviewed me on his show and I could instantly tell he’s very structured (or at least appears to be) and has a lot of respect for his own time and the time of others.

 Recently, two people he’s mentoring reached out to me about appearing on their podcast.

They were very professional and did it the right way. Here’s how:

  • Making it clear who they were and what they did.

  • Letting me know my connection to them.

  • Asking me and talk me up a little bit. (explain. unclear)

  • Making it very easy for me to say no or ignore the email.

Here’s one of the emails I received:

How to email and ask for an interview

If they would have requested a lot of information up front, I would have likely been too bogged down to think about them and wouldn’t have responded.

It’s easy to fall into this habit. You provide extra information that isn’t necessary thinking that giving them a “clearer picture” of who/what you are will help. In reality, that superfluous information gets in the way of the real message and you end up burying what you want so deep in the request that it never gets read or replied to.

The great thing is that there are resources out there to help you communicate in a more clear and concise manner that will help you get positive results (that’s replies and hopefully yesses!)

8 great resources to help you build relationships with busy people.

  1. 5 Tips for E-mailing Busy People – Tim Ferriss
  2. How to Get a Busy Person to Respond to an EmailMattan Griffel
  3. How to prepare for and rock an event such as a conference or trade show.
  4. Derek Halpern on staying in touch and following up after meeting someone at an event
  5. Stevepavlina has a 12-part series on how to network with busy people.
  6. Think you can write less? Try out the Sentences Project.
  7. The Key to Productive Coffee Meetings
  8. 10 Tips for an Awesome Coffee Meeting

Connecting with key influencers likely means you’re aiming for people who are busy and sought after. Using just a few of these tips together is a great way to make more meaningful connections.

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