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Recently, I’ve been playing with different ways of building relationships with a lot of people. The people range from new relationships to others that I’ve known for 10+ years.

Jake Jorgovan had a great post over at Startupchat.co about building relationship and landing sales by being persistent. He used the phrase “stalking” which I wouldn’t recommend when mentioning how you build relationships, but it gets the point across.

Basically, he talks about following someone’s interactions online and then using those interactions to get on their radar. Retweet, Favorite, Share articles about them, mention them in a blog post, and do what you can so they see you. Once you do that and have some basic interaction, email that person (he provides a great email template as well) and make sure to follow up. Be politely persistent.

There is a very simple way to think of building important relationships and removes a lot of the awkward factor that we are scared of when sending an email or calling someone who has no clue who we are.

I like to use this strategy with Relately, which helps me group individuals into different segments.

The groups are usually segmented by type of relationship, industry, hobby, or location.

Here’s what has been working for me.

I add a custom tag (we just added this in Relately) on their contact page. If you’re only using a spreadsheet or pen and paper, then put a note next to their name. It’s not as easy for searching and sorting, but it achieves the same effect.

This lets me filter groups of people so I can reach out to groups of people at the same time. I stay in the same state of mind when interacting with certain groups so I don’t have to spend as much time thinking.

I’m currently reaching out to single author blog owners with audiences of small business owners and consultants. I tag each of these people in Relately with “SABlog SB” or “SABlog C.” This helps me filter them using the advanced search and focus my network effort on those individuals for a set period of time.

As I build more relationships online, I have trouble remembering who lives and works where. When I plan on traveling I like to try to reach out and meet up with people. Adding face-to-face interaction is a great way of strengthening relationships.

Whenever I plan on traveling somewhere, I search the city, state, or country I’m going to and I can easily reach out to people in that area.

If you’re looking for build new relationships with different industries, this is a great way to make sure you’re reaching out to those individuals on a consistent basis.

If you’re trying to stay in touch with team members, this is a great way to focus your efforts on them all at once.

Here are screenshots of how I do this:

Relationship management tags

Adding custom tags to an individual.
Advanced contact filtering - relationship management

We all have different groups of people we interact with on a frequent or relatively frequent basis.

What other tips or tricks do you have to build relationships online?


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