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New Connections Require Warm Contact

You’ve just met a couple of new and interesting people. You think that they could benefit from having a relationship with you and you know that you could benefit from a relationship with them. You don’t want to be too aggressive up front but you know that you need to connect soon.

Accessibility means your relationships grow while you're on the go!

Accessibility means your relationships grow while you’re on the go!

Fortunately, the world is incredibly connected nowadays. Nearly every person’s daily routine includes at least some form of electronic communication. For most people that means social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

More than half the marketers[1] who invest at least a year into social media reported that new partnerships have been gained. The difference one new partnership can make for a business is huge.

The chart shows the percentage of marketers that strongly agreed or agreed to gaining  new partnerships through their relationships based on the time invested in social media.




These results don’t need to be limited to marketers either. While you’re meeting with clients and talking to people you work with on a frequent basis, the individuals you don’t see all the time are where the new partnerships usually come from. The best way to have access to these partnerships is by being top of mind when an opportunity comes up.

7 reasons why you should be using social media for relationship growth:

1) Accessible: Simply put you can reach people when they are available to be reached. When they go to social media they are actively seeking to engage with others.

2) Efficient: It’s quick for you to send a message and share information and just as quick for them to access it.

3) Instantaneous: From the first time you meet you can immediately connect with them (Twitter and LinkedIn are great for this especially) and instantly turn a new relationship into a warm one.

4) Concise: The requirement of brevity within social media (for example, Twitter’s 140 character limit) allows you to get to the point and allows them to respond briefly as well without expectations of “more”.

5) Increased reach: When you interact on Twitter feeds, Google+, and Facebook posts/walls you become visible to your networks’ networks. This increases your possible reach to targets that might not find you otherwise.

6) Share-ability: Your help, advice, or information can be easily shared to a larger audience by these connections. Your ability to add value to them easily becomes their ability to add value to others.

7) Low Requirement: Interaction on social media doesn’t require the other party to reciprocate immediately or even at all. Just participating in their social media activity keeps you top of mind and the relationship warm.

Stay Current, Stay Top of Mind

Remembering that people are not only more active but also likely more receptive when utilizing these sites can set your relationship growth apart.

You can use social media to add value to new and existing relationships by sharing and participating in their discussions. This will allow the relationship to grow and you to stay top of mind without having to take much of their time or energy away from their business focus.

Sources: 1. Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2013 – http://bit.ly/10nWJak

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