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Message Suggestions And Scripts To Reach Out Before You Fall Out Of Touch

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With a network spread across 6 continents and a stack of industries, it’s easy to just fall out of touch with people. helps me invest in the people and relationships that matter most to me by making it easy to do.

-Rob Hanly

Special Consultant & Marketer

Don’t let your competition get closer to your contacts than you are

Develop Better Relationships Than Your Competitors


Using our (Visual Dynamic Score) VDS, you can see the where each relationship stands with your important contacts. That way you know who you are falling out of touch with before you actually do, enabling you to save your relationships –and your business.

By seeing at a glance who you’re in – and falling out of – touch with, you keep closer to your contacts than your competition ever will.

Grow And Maintain Your Relationships With Ease


Message the most important contacts you’re about to fall out of touch with from multiple accounts from Relately’s dashboard.Centralize your important contacts and communications across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email in one place. Developing your daily habit of reaching out is easier than ever with Relately’s dashboard.

Proven Suggestions and Scripts Help You When You're Stuck


Not sure what to say? Relately gives suggestions and scripts from top sales professionals and networkers that you can use.Use scripts tested for each message tool to help avoid being confused about what to say. Use general suggestions or more specific scripts to reach out to more people with less worrying about what to say.

Everyone You Want To Stay In Touch With In One Place


Relately helps you focus on your work by freeing you from having to remember when, where, and with whom you need to stay in touch.Receive automatic daily and weekly reminders of the most important person to reach out to every day and week.

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I’ve always struggled with keeping in touch with people. Remembering not only TO contact people but also remembering what I said last time is important and difficult. Relately has helped me manage those connections easier but also more accurately.

-Matthew Thompson

Associate Agent - Nationwide

The Right Relationships Can Mean More Sales In Less Time

Simple Online Integration

Relately integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail. We’re constantly adding integrations to help you track all of your interactions.

Multiple Reminder Frequencies

Choose about how often you want to keep in touch with the people that matter most. Based on the frequency, the score decreases at different rates.

Daily Suggestions

Relately gives one suggested action a day to develop a habit of a simple touch everyday. You can do one simple action everyday.

Team Plans

Leverage your team’s relationships to stay in touch with the right people and leverage warm relationships for referrals when possible.

Communication Stats

View your person stats where and how often you’re communicating with influencers.


Ticket-based Support

You’re important to us. We’d love to hear from you whether it’s a question or suggestion. Please let us know over at our Contact Page.


Relately is perfect for Consultants, Freelancers, & Sales!

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